Welcome to Yeled vYalda

it's a whole new world!

Life is full of unexpected challenges. We’re very familiar with the challenges involved in childhood development, particularly for children with special needs, and we know it takes much more than just a classroom to help a child thrive.

At Yeled vYalda, we learn, play, and grow together. We bring all our resources together seamlessly, to support each individual child as we work to help each child develop to their full potential.

If it takes a village to raise a child, then Yeled vYalda is exactly that—a village based on the values of love, support, and belief in each child. In our village, every child is celebrated. Every child is a whole world.

We're Different

We are


With our vast network of resources, we carefully choose the best programs, therapies and methodologies to suit each child, using our comprehensive guidance and knowledge to enhance every family we service. From insurance to nutritional health, no detail is too small when it comes to your child’s future.

We are


A plan is nothing without committing to clear goals. Our unwavering commitment is the driving force behind the success of Yeled vYalda. We create the vision for every child to reach their maximum potential and make sure to celebrate every accomplishment together along the way, from the big to the small.

We are


At Yeled vYalda caring is what sets us apart. Our passion and the overwhelming care we put into everything we do is why we’re so confident about promising great results. We know that with enough care we will always achieve success!

We are


Not only do we have the most programs and individual providers under one roof, but we make sure they all work together seamlessly, constantly monitoring each child as they progress in each department in both their educational and home environments.