Management & Leadership

Phillip M. Stern, CPA

Board Chairperson

Mordechai Schwartz

CEO, Chief Executive Officer

Zvi H. Pinter

COO, Chief Operating Officer

Rebecca Gutman, CPA

CFO, Chief Financial Officer

Ruth Akerman, Esq.

Director of Compliance and Legal Affiars

Wayne Goldberg, MA MPA

Director Federal Programs

Naomi Auerbach, MsEd

Executive Director

Mina Sputz, MS, SAS

Director Special Education & Disability Programs

Head Start

Early Head Start

Home Based EHS

Expectant Mom’s

Project REACH

Universal Pre-K

Wayne Goldberg, MA MPA


Naomi Auerbach, MsEd

Executive Director

Nathan Salomon, MA

Deputy Director

WIC Nutrition Program

Nechama Stolzenberg, MPA


NYS OHP Marketplace Health Exchange

Ruchy Wasserman


Special Education & Disabilities Services

Chaim Szanzer, MS, SAS

Executive Director

Mina Sputz, MS, SAS

Director of Disabilities &

Educational Programs

Special Education

Early Intervention

ABA Therapy Services

ABA Insurance Services

Titles I, II, III, IV

Educational Services


Health Homes

Health & Fitness Center

Chaim Sabel


Yeled v’Yalda is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) social services organization incorporated under the Not-For-Profit Corporations Law of the State of New York. Its governing bodies are its Board of Directors and Policy Council. The overall policies, direction and operation of the organization are managed by the Directors of the Board, elected annually, who meet several times a year.

YVY’s policy council is responsible for the direction of YVY’s Head Start Program and to the extent any corporate policy affects the Head Start Program, conducts a vote for approval of the policies submitted to the policy council for review. YVY’s Board of Directors retains exclusive full legal and fiscal responsibilities related to Head Start governance, including the administration and overseeing of the Head Start program.