At Yeled v'Yalda we believe in prioritizing the health and safety of children and families. We take great pride in providing a safety-first environment in all of our programs, and our dedicated staff work tirelessly to ensure children’s health, security, and well being.


Yeled v’Yalda’s dedicated and qualified staff conduct daily health checks as part of our health and safety procedures.  Our staff is trained in critical health practices such as infection control, as well as standard health procedures such as basic assessment, initial management, and prevention of communicable diseases.  In addition, Yeled v’Yalda trains staff in emergency preparedness, emergency medication administration, CPR, first aid, Code Ana, and more.

            All Yeled v’Yalda classrooms and playgrounds are routinely visited by our health staff to ensure compliance with all federal and state regulations.  We have developed injury prevention strategies that prevent common child injuries so that our children can learn and play in the safest and healthiest environment possible.

            Our health staff is continually aware of any new public health updates, and we adjust our safety policies and procedures on an ongoing basis.  One of the ways we ensure optimal awareness regarding health and safety issues is by maintaining a Health Services Advisory Committee (HSAC) which includes engaged Head Start families, health professionals, program staff, and other community representatives.


At Yeled v’Yalda, our health coordinators care about the well-being of each individual child that enters our care.  We institute crucial safety policies and procedures so that our children can focus on their learning within a secure and healthy environment.  As always, we are happy to be contacted with any questions or concerns regarding our health practices and safety policies.

At the beginning of each school year, our staff obtain each child’s latest health report to confirm that the child’s health records are up to date, and to educate families on the importance of staying current on their child’s health care needs.

Children in our program are screened in-house for hearing, vision, dental, and blood pressure. If any referrals are required on the basis of these screenings, a Yeled v’Yalda staff member will assist the family in finding a suitable provider to conduct follow-up and treatment.

At Yeled v’Yalda, we recognize the importance of healthy oral development for children, and support positive oral health practices as part of our ongoing health programming. We provide families with educational materials regarding the importance of early dental screenings, preventative care, and how to avoid common risks to dental health.

Yeled v’Yalda ensures the safety of children with chronic conditions and/or allergies by identifying and implementing proper safety measures to ensure that each child can learn within the safest possible environment throughout their school day. We develop and implement Individual Healthcare Plans (IHPs) for children with special health care needs, in collaboration with families, the medical home, and other related-service providers.