Special Education & Disability Services Yeled v’Yalda ABA Insurance program services which are approved and authorized by the patient’s private health insurance carrier. Services provided to address the developmental skills necessary for assisted daily living skills in the home and community settings. Yeled v’Yalda ABA Insurance program reaches a hidden potential within each child. Our commitment to each child and each family legendary. Our passion and professionalism sets us apart. Our core values are rooted in individualized treatment programming to meet the specific needs and goals of each child and family. Yeled v’Yalda ABA Insurance program promotes a holistic approach. We collaborate with providers, parents, schools and therapy centers.


A Licensed Behavior Analysts/Board Certified Behavior Analysts (LBA/BCBA) is a lead clinician assigned to each case. The LBA/BCBA creates goals to target the specific deficits needed to be addressed for each client. Parents training, treatment planning, assessments and supervision of paraprofessionals are essential components of all ABA services. Behavior technicians are assigned to carry out goals established by the supervising LBA/BCBAs. The highest level of care is achieved through functional integration of treatment daily or as needed in all areas of clients’ life.


Who will assess my child? A Licensed Behavior Analyst specializing in assessments and treatment will perform the initial assessment and any reassessments necessary while the case is active. What should be expected for the assessment? A Licensed Behavior Analysis completes a functional assessment by observing a child in their natural environment. Assessments include a parent interview, to ensure that parent concerns and goals are noted and addressed. Analysis of progress and ongoing assessments are completed to guarantee quality of services and to evaluate the direction of further therapy. Where will  the assessment take place? Assessments take  place in the child’s natural environment i.e. a child’s home, or center etc. When will services begin? Services will begin once the initial assessment is completed by the Licensed Behavior Analyst, submitted to and approved by the insurance. Once submitted to the insurance carrier, approval turnaround time is approximately five to seven business days.

Applied Behavior Analysis is an evidence-based individualized approach that assists children with gaining various skills under the communication, social, and adaptive domains. Our Licensed Behavior Analysts provide ongoing supervision to the direct care provider ensuring top quality services and maximum progress.

What is the role of parents and family in treatment planning? The family is an integral part of the child’s intervention plan, a valued resource and active team participant. The focus, direction and implementation of services are guided by the family. What is parents’ involvement in treatment? The parents are included in direct teaching sessions and proficient skills are transferred into the child’s natural routines to be reinforced by the parents. It is important to maintain ongoing dialogue and communication with the LBA about your ABA services, concerns, methods for behavior reduction and direct training on methods for effective parenting.

Direct services provided by the behavior technician (paraprofessional) target daily targets comprising the child’s individualized ABA program which include adaptive and social skill building and interventions to reduce challenging behavior, which may be hindering the individual’s ability to function independently. Targeted direct hours focus on life skills, adaptive daily living skills, communication skills, community-based skills, routines, social skills, play skills, executive functioning skills etc. during sessions.

The Licensed Behavior Analyst will provide ongoing direct supervision to the Behavior Technician and guide them specifically on implementation of ABA based interventions as part of the child’s treatment plans.

All children enrolled in the ABA insurance program can receive social skills groups, if recommended by the LBA conducting the assessment and if approved by your insurance company.


 ABA Insurance Services qualifying requirements:

·        A comprehensive psychological evaluation documenting a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum disorder with the recommendation of ABA therapy.

·        An insurance carrier that covers for ABA services. (Call our intake department to inquire regarding accepted plans)

Prior to enrolling for ABA Insurance services, a comprehensive psychological evaluation diagnosing the child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), including a recommendation of ABA therapy is required. The psychological evaluation is submitted by our intake department to the patients insurance carrier to facilitate the approval of a pre-authorization for an initial assessment. Once an approval from the insurance carrier is received, a Licensed Behavior Analyst visits the child and family to perform the initial assessment which outlines the child’s deficits and includes specific goals to be addressed. The initial assessment is then submitted to the insurance carrier for the authorization of ABA services.